Privacy notice

None of the information you enter for subscription into our website shall be shared with any 3rd parties or persons. It shall be only you who can have access to and change the information you share at the time of subscription. If you safeguard your login information, it is out of question for anybody to have access to or change your information. 

Our firm prioritizes the credit card security of our customers doing shopping at our shopping websites. Under no circumstances is your credit card information shared in any way whatsoever. 

There are two ways you need to pay attention in order to understand you are at a secure shopping website. One of them is a key or lock sign at the address bar of your browser. This shows that you are at a secure shopping website and all your information is encrypted and protected. This information can only be used depending on the process of sales transaction and in line with your instructions. The information in relation to the credit card used at the shopping is encrypted through 128 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol independent from our shopping websites and transferred to the relevant bank to be interrogated. The shopping can go on if the usability of the card is approved. Given that none of your information in relation to the credit card can be seen or recoded by us, it is impossible for any third parties to hack into this information.       

The reliability of the payment / billing / shipping address information with respect to the orders given online with the credit cards is checked by our firm against the Credit Card Fraud. For this reason, in order for the orders by those using our shopping website for the first time to reach the stages of supply and delivery, first of all, accuracy of the financial and address/telephone information must be confirmed. For the control of this information, if need be, the credit card holder or the relevant bank is contacted.

The shopping websites that have information lines or customer services and clearly specify their addresses and telephone information are more preferable these days. In this way, you can obtain information about any issue you wonder and easily get information about the reliability of the firm providing online shopping services.    

Note: We highly recommend that the express address and telephone information of the firm is specified at the shopping websites. If you want to order online, note the address and telephone information of the store before shopping. If you do not trust the firm, phone the store and confirm the website prior to the shopping. You can find all information about us and the map outlining the location of our stores at all our online websites.  

Your identity and credit card information you will send us through the credit card mail-order method shall be kept secure by our firm in accordance with the confidentiality principle. This information shall be kept for 60 days for possible money withdrawal disagreements with the bank and then, they shall be destroyed. This does not pose any risks as in the event that a price different from the price specified on the approved mail-order form for the products you order is to be withdrawn from your account, you can object to the bank and thus, you can prevent the payment of this amount.  

Do not ever write your credit card number or passwords at the e-mails you wish to send to the Customer Services at our Website in relation to any of your orders. Information at the e-mails can be obtained by third persons. Under no circumstance can our firm guarantee the security of information transmitted via your e-mails.